Spectacular Ideas for Providing Quality Storage

21 March 2016
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Thanks to increasing population and real estate, people are shifting quite often nowadays. Consequently, this has made the moving business lucrative to many. However, being a mover not only calls for transportation goods, but storing them in the process. In order to be the best in the market, you simply need to offer the best storage. Although this might be difficult to achieve for first time movers, below are a few great suggestions to help you out.

Buy the right boxes

A great rule of thumb when offering moving facilities is to always buy the boxes. This relieves the client of some packaging costs and eases the process of moving for them. When buying boxes, you need to take into account a couple of factors. For instance, if you want highly disposable ones, then you should go for the ordinary cardboard ones. On the other hand, you may opt for PVC boxes where recycling is your main aim. For storage of fragile goods like glass, you could go for rubber boxes that offer great shock absorption for better protection.

Get the right locks

One way of ensuring the best storage for your goods is by fitting your boxes and truck doors with secure locks. To begin with, avoid portable locks like padlocks, because they can easily be broken and can even be misplaced sometimes. What you want is something more permanent that is installed on the surface of the door or box. For example, a good option for your boxes would be cam locks which are simple to install and relatively convenient for use.

Avoid too many keys

For effective storage, you going to have to use as less keys as you can. To begin with, keys get lost quite easily. To avoid this, you always have the option of going digital. It's about time you consider installing electronic lock systems on your doors. Instead of using keys, they have a touch or key pad onto which you type a certain password for unlocking. Other than that, some of them are equipped with technology to detect finger prints for maximizes security.

Safes for valuables

A good way to assure clients of the safety of their valuables is by using safes. They don't have to be state of the art steel reinforced safes. After all, you are not transporting gold bars, are you? Just get something simple and sturdy for storing special items like precious jewelry, frames, and keys among others. For more security, you can always go for safes with finger or eye recognition technology.

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