Safety At The Door | 4 Nifty Tactics To Secure Your Home Even When You're Inside

22 March 2016
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Even if you live in the safest neighbourhoods of your city, there's no such thing as too safe. With 214,222 property crimes reported in 2012 by the Australian Institute of Criminology, it's natural for many homeowners and tenants to worry about their home safety. While you've probably gotten your locksmith to install highly protective locks for times when you are out, you may want to consider these nifty tactics to secure your home even when you're inside.

Install Chain Locks

If you or someone in your family is alone for the most part of the day, then you should ideally get your locksmith to install chain locks on the front door. This is especially useful for ground level apartments and homes because it's easy for anyone to show up at your front door and forcefully make their way inside. A chain lock inside enables you to open the door partially to see who is outside but acts as a preventive measure because it is difficult to break through to get into the home.

Invest In A Security Door

Installing security doors for your front and back entrances is a good way to prevent burglars from trying to get into your home when you're inside. Steel security doors are excellent ideas when you're home most of the time because they allow you to open up your front or back door during hot summer months to allow outside breeze to flow through while preventing your children from running out and burglars from sneaking in.

Put Deadbolts On Your Windows

Many people pay close attention to their doors, often forgetting that their windows are also a point of entry. Install deadbolts to keep your windows tightly shut at all times because they are practically impossible to navigate through without making a loud noise. This will alert any homeowner inside, so burglars will most likely stay away from windows with deadbolt locks on them.

Consider Adding Window Tilting Locks For Slightly Ajar Windows

While deadlocks are great for securing shut windows, there comes a time when you probably want to keep your windows open while you garden or simply for fresh breeze to ventilate the room. Unsecured tilted windows are unsafe because they present burglars with the opportunity to easily slip into your home unseen. Fitting special window tilting locks will reduce this risk because it doesn't allow the burglar to open the window fully. This will block the burglar's entry into your home.

For more information, contact a locksmith in your area.