5 Reasons You Should Never Try to Break Into Your Own Home

28 March 2016
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Some websites will advise you to break into your home if you're ever locked out, but doing so comes with a number of serious problems. If you're locked out, it's usually better to call up a locksmith and then stay with a neighbour until they arrive.

Here are just five reasons why.

1. It Could Put You in Harm's Way

First and foremost, breaking into your own home can cause you injury. You might cut yourself while breaking a window or step on broken glass once you get inside; you could also cause yourself an injury by trying to open a door using excessive force. People have even been known to try to climb up their drainpipes to reach a higher window – that's an act that could have serious consequences.  

2. It Will Cost You

Breaking into your home, by its very definition, involves causing damage. That might be anything from a broken lock to a smashed window, but it is always going to end up costing money to fix. Having a locksmith let you back in won't cost nearly as much, and the situation will be completely sorted once you get back in. There will be no sitting around in a chilly house waiting for a window to be replaced.  

3. It Can Make Your House a Target

Being locked out of your home is annoying, but having it robbed is much worse. Remember, criminals are often opportunists, and they prefer looking for weaker targets. A broken window or a forced door can act as a sign that entry can be gained to your home without attracting too much attention.

4. It Can Attract the Police

It's pretty unlikely that a police car will cruise by when you're trying to break into your own home, but you could be spotted by a passer-by. If it's dark, a neighbour may mistake you for an actual burglar. In any case, the police are likely to be alerted. You clearly can't be charged for trying to force access to your own home, but this is a very inconvenient and embarrassing scenario. If you don't have any identification on you to show that it's your house, you might even need to visit the station.

5. It is Usually Unnecessary

Okay, in rare situations people can lock themselves out of the home when they have dinner cooking on the stove or a baby crying in its crib. In situations such as these, it's clearly important to gain entry as soon as possible. However, it usually just not that necessary for you to get back in –being locked out is just a big inconvenience. Don't let that inconvenience make you act rashly.

Breaking into your own home isn't illegal, but it can cause serious problems. Unless it really is vital for you to get back in, breaking into your own home should be an absolute last resort. It might be troublesome, but a locksmith, such as one from Ameen's Locksmith) will be able to reach you to sort out the issue, so calling one up is your best option.