Great Ideas for Boosting Your Vehicle's Security

28 March 2016
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Are you a car owner? Imagine the feeling of going to the parking lot only to find your car gone without a trace. This can be a very devastating experience. That's why you always need to ensure your car is highly secured at all times. You may not afford employing someone to keep an eye on your car, but you can take the right measures to prevent theft. Below are some really effective ideas that can help you boost your car's security.

The Cop Lock

This modern anti-theft device may not exactly keep the thieves out of your car, but it will definitely keep them from stealing it. The cop lock is made up of a heat treated steel bolt and a self-locking shaft. The bolt surrounds the brake and clutch pedals, while the shaft is fitted on the floor of the vehicle to prevent the pedals from being pushed downwards. For some cars, especially those of manual transmission, the engine won't start without pressing the clutch. Furthermore, who would steal a car with no brakes? Due to its reinforced steel material, this lock is barely breakable by any car thief. Therefore, you may want to have you car locksmith make one for you as soon as possible. All you have to do is install it every time you leave your car.

Advanced Keyless Lock Systems

Keys are slowly falling out of use as time goes by. A good security solution for your vehicle is installing an advanced electronic door lock. Thanks to recent innovation, technologies such as finger print scanning have really aided in improving security. With this keyless lock system, all you would need is a small scanner device fitted on your door knob. This scanner only activates the doors after scanning your fingerprint. Unless a thief has the same fingerprint as you, which is next to impossible, your car will always be secure where you left it. 

Take the Steering Wheel with You

To begin with, nobody would steal a car without a steering wheel. Therefore, you could consider having your locksmith replace your stock steering with a lockable quick-release steering hub. This steering hub is lockable so as to prevent the wheel from detaching while driving. After parking your vehicle, all you have to do is remove it, put it in your briefcase, and run your errands. This is a great solution for public parking areas prone to a lot of car theft. Installing one will not only keep your car from being stolen, but it will also have the intruder rethink breaking your window.