How to Add Style to Your Home With Simple Door Handles and Hardware

29 March 2016
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Adding some style to your home does not always need to involve expensive renovations and remodelling. Sometimes even simple touches, such as new door handles and hardware, can be all you need to update a space and make it seem fresh and new. Consider a few simple ways you can add style to your home by changing out door handles and other small features and fixtures.

1. Lever handles

Lever handles are those with levers that go left to right; these are commonly found on French doors that lead to a patio or outdoor area. They are a bit more stately and stylish than plain doorknobs, and you can add some style to your interior doors by using lever handles. Try ones with a slight curve or flourish such as you would see with French doors for your bedroom doors or the door to a dining room or office. If you prefer a modern look, choose a lever handle that is straight and without added detail, such as you would see in a production facility. Using these on interior doors can be a fun and unique touch that is not often seen in homes and which gives your space some instant style.

2. Face plate and hinges

When switching out door handles for your entryway or interior doors, note the face plate. An oversized, ornate plate can give the door and the overall space some added style. Something very ornate with scrollwork or another design option can give the door visual appeal, but if you prefer a modern and clean look, choose a larger plate that is simple and without design or décor. Do the same with the hinges for the door; choose exterior hinges that you can see and opt for something bold with a large hinge plate. These larger plates can add instant style to any door in your home.

3. Note the finish

Simple brass door handles and deadbolts may be a bit dated, so opt for something fresh and new when it comes to the finish and materials of your door handles and hardware. Matte black is a good choice for any home as it works with both traditional and modern décor. Against a simple white door, the matte black can easily stand out and make your door handles, hinges, and other hardware seem like true decorative accessories and not just functional pieces for your home. 

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