The Benefits of Using a Keyless Lock in the Workplace

29 March 2016
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When you want to keep your workplace secure, you often look at the type of locks you have on the doors. One great option to choose from is a keyless lock. This will have a numeric keypad where you enter a security code instead of using a key to open the lock. Not only is it very secure, but only a locksmith would be able to gain access without the code. Here are some other benefits of having a keyless lock in the workplace.

There Is No Risk of Someone Losing a Key

A great benefit to having a keyless lock installed in the workplace is that you no longer have to worry about lost keys. This is not only convenient, but good for security purposes. If an employee arrives without their key, they can still get into their office and not have to worry about arriving late after driving back home to get it. If an employee gets their purse and keys stolen, there isn't a security risk requiring changing the locks. All an employee needs is their own access code to get into the building.

You Have Control Over All Access Codes

You also have control over the access codes, which can be programmed differently for each employee or each group of people. This means if an employee quits or gets fired, you can remove their access by deleting that access code immediately. The employee will no longer be able to get into the building or give the code to someone else, which is good for security purposes. It also lets you easily program new codes for new employees or for your housekeeping staff, so you don't need to worry about making new keys and having them ready.

You Can Monitor the Usage of Access Codes

In addition to being able to program the access codes, you can even keep track of what codes are used and when. Many keyless lock systems come with a tracking program so you can monitor its usage. If you see that a certain code was used after hours when the employee should have already been out of the building, you can investigate it and find out why that employee was in the building. This also helps when you are working on payroll and want to verify that an employee worked overtime when they reported overtime hours.

Intruders Can't Pick the Lock

Keyless locks are excellent for business security. A skilled burglar might be able to pick standard locks or even padlocks, but they likely won't be able to access your keyless lock system. Unless they have a security code or guess it correctly, nobody but a skilled locksmith should be able to get through the system.