Always Call an Emergency Locksmith When Locked Out of Your House or Car

31 March 2016
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When locked out of your house or car, you may not be thinking of calling a locksmith right away. Your first instinct may be to try to break into your home or your car, perhaps by picking a lock on your own. This can be a mistake and it can be better to simply call an emergency locksmith as soon as you realize you're locked out. Note a few reasons for this so you know you and your property will be safe if you're ever locked out.

1. Locks are harder to open than you think

To pick a lock, you simply slide a paperclip or hairpin into the lock and wriggle it around, and the lock will open quickly and easily, right? In truth, manufacturers of car locks and door locks usually make their locks difficult to open with common household objects, in order to protect the security of a home or a car. If locks were that easy to pick, there would probably be a lot more home invasions and car thefts. Lock tumblers can be very resistant to being pushed out of place, and a deadbolt may be too heavy to slide open with a small hairpin or clip as a tool. Trying to open a lock with a clip or pin can mean standing over your car or front door for several minutes if not hours, time that you could have used to call an emergency locksmith to get you in right away.

2. It's easier to damage homemade lock picks than you think

While locks may be very strong, homemade lock picks are not, and you may cause damage to the lock itself by using one. It can be easy to get a hairpin or paperclip stuck in a lock, around the tumblers. Trying to jam in a different key and use that can also mean getting it stuck or having the key break off in the lock, and the lock itself then needs repair or replacing rather than simply being opened with the right tools. You also may not be able to use that damaged lock even if you do somehow force it open; this can leave your home or car vulnerable as it can't be locked up until you get a locksmith to repair the lock, which is also a reason to call him or her rather than trying to get in on your own.