Tips on Maintaining Your Door Locks and Keys

31 March 2016
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Don't ignore the fact that your locks are what keep your family and property protected. Burglars are becoming smarter, breaking into homes with all kinds of locks. So you need to ensure that you keep your door locks properly maintained for them to function at optimal levels. Poor use and maintenance of the door locks increases the friction on them and decreases their efficiency. If you want to keep your locks looking new and serving you well, then here are some maintenance practices you need to consider.


This is perhaps one of the best ways to keep your locks in their best shape. There are a number of choices you can try out, and graphite is one of the best options. All you need to do is powder it inside the lock every few months and that will keep the lock functioning smoothly. However, adding too much of it can jam the internal components, so you need to be pretty careful. To be safer, you can use a graphite pencil. Rub it on the key then work it back and forth inside the lock.

You could also go for petroleum based spray. However, don't mix up petroleum and graphite. It'll create a thick sticky concoction that may gum the lock up.

Winter Maintenance

The winter brings with it a challenging ordeal. The very low temperatures freeze the door locks and prevents you from opening the door. This is particularly prevalent in car doors. To prevent the door locks from freezing, you can use petroleum jelly. It forms a layer over the metallic moving components and prevents them from freezing too tightly. Petroleum jelly also melts the ice that's present in the lock.

Another way to prevent water from freezing is to place a magnet over the lock. Yes, a magnet. Placing it on your lock will prevent the water from penetrating inside it, thereby preventing freezing.

Ensure Your Door Is Properly Hung

A lock's lifespan is greatly affected by the position of the door. Inspect the door for any sagging because that places a lot of pressure on the bolt or latch. A good way to find this out is by looking at the gap between the door and frame. It should be uniform all through from the top to the bottom and across the sides. Call a locksmith to correct the issue is there are any differences in the width of the gap.