Five Questions to Ask the Seller When Buying a Used Safe

18 December 2017
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If you're buying a second hand safe, there are numerous elements to consider. To ensure you buy the right safe for your needs, you may want to ask the seller some questions. Here are some essential questions to consider.

1. Do You Have the Manufacturer's Original Paperwork?

This is not essential, but it can help to have the manufacturer's paperwork. This can guide you if you need to change the lock, find out how the safe was made or learn about other specifics. If the seller doesn't have that paperwork, you may want to look for it online. Some safe manufacturers publish copies of their old documents online for free download.

2. Does the Safe Have Its Original Locks?

There is no right or wrong answer to this question, but you should find out this information. If the current owner has put in a new lock, you want to get some reassurance that the work has been done correctly. You also want to figure out if the new lock has improved or degraded the security of the safe.

3. Are the Locks Changeable?

To be on the safe side when buying a second hand safe, you may want the ability to change the locks. If the safe has biometric or electronic locks, it's usually possible to change them easily. With mechanical locks, changes may also be possible, but you may need to enlist the help of a locksmith.

To ensure you are the only person who can open the safe once you have it, you may want to figure out what's involved in changing the locks, and you may want to estimate any costs that are involved in that process.

4. Has the Safe Survived a Break In?

Ideally, you want a safe that has never faced a break in. That can damage the safe and reduce its integrity. Ask about any attempted breaches, find out what happened to the safe and ask if the seller can verify its integrity. For example, you may want to see receipts from repair professionals before you buy a used safe that has suffered a break in.

5. Has Water Damage or Fire Affected the Safe?

In that same vein, exposure to flood waters or fires may also affect the integrity of the safe. Again, talk with the seller about these experiences and see if they have any information or records related to repairs.

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