Essential Lock Products for Business Premises

8 February 2021
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Every new year presents the perfect opportunity for business owners to engage locksmiths and audit their current security systems. Typically, a locksmith examines the existing locking system, identifies loopholes, and proposes solutions to beef up the safety and security of a business premise. While it might be challenging to select the right security solution from various options, a reputable locksmith can help you. Here are the top safety and security options that every locksmith should provide.

Antimicrobial Door Handles 

High-touch surfaces, such as door handles, present high-risk zones regarding infectious diseases. Unfortunately, most business owners are not aware of it; therefore, it is crucial to pay attention to door handle materials. It is especially the case today where infectious germs, bacteria, and viruses are easily spread via high-contact surfaces. Luckily, a modern locksmith handles more than security issues. For instance, they also provide hardware options for making a business environment safe. One particular piece of hardware that has become a popular addition to security systems is the antimicrobial door handle. The handles are made from copper or ionic silver coating, two compounds excellent at inhibiting bacteria and virus growth. It reduces the chances of cross-person infections, especially in high-traffic entryways.

Rekeyable Lock Technology 

Today, almost every business uses a master key system due to its convenience and control. The system allows administrators to open and close several doors using the same key. Unfortunately, the control and convenience often lead to the loss or damage of a master key. When it happens, the administrator must call a locksmith for rekeying services. However, the process takes time, making a business vulnerable to security breaches. Professional locksmiths understand the dilemma and opt to issue clients with re-keyable lock technology. Thus, administrators can easily rekey a lost or damaged master key and re-secure the lock system in case of a security breach.

Biometric Fingerprint Lock 

The personal identification concept has taken the business world by storm over the last few decades. Consequently, locksmiths have leveraged the principles of personal identification attributes by offering biometric security systems. One such device is a biometric lock, which relies on fingerprints' uniqueness to allow or deny access. After installation, a locksmith can help your business to get more value from a biometric lock system. For example, they can liaise with an IT administrator and link biometric data with other databases, such as human resources, for efficient staff management.

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