Ways of Making Your Property Unattractive to Burglars

21 June 2021
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Homeowners spend thousands of dollars trying to make their houses attractive to the outside world. However, you should be careful because the last group of people you want to attract is burglars. Burglars are always on the lookout for signs of security weakness to strike at the right time. However, installing a robust security system can make your home unattractive to criminals hoping to use your home to make a quick buck. Here are creative ways that modern security systems make your house unappealing to burglars.

Show Signs of Life

Although home burglaries occur randomly, most take place when the homeowners are not around. It might explain why vacation homes are the most targeted properties by criminals. Notably, burglars take time to scout property and break in when they are certain no one is around. For instance, built-up mail in a mailbox, drawn curtains, no lighting, and an unkempt lawn are signs of an unoccupied house. Fortunately, a security system that shows signs of life, even when you are away, deters burglars from targeting your home. For example, you can use a security system to turn on the lights in different rooms alternately, creating the illusion that you are around. You can do the same with the audiovisual systems in your house. It keeps burglars at bay no matter where you are.

Employ Element of Surprise

After planning a break-in for weeks, the last thing criminals want is a surprise waiting for them within a property's perimeter. The element of surprise is your best friend when installing a security system in your home. For example, burglars should not be able to tell how many CCTV cameras you have around your house or the number of windows protected by an alarm system. If they do, they can create a plan to work around your security system. Therefore, make sure that criminals second-guess their plans every step of the way. As long as burglars are not sure about the level of security in your home, they will move on to an easier target.

Keep Valuables from Window's View

The windows are part of a home's security system, and the way you utilise them can make your property susceptible to burglaries. For instance, criminals are resourceful and will use anything, including a pair of binoculars, to determine what valuables are in your home. Therefore, you should avoid keeping valuable belongings in full view of passersby since it will only attract burglars. Instead, it is advisable to use curtains or blinders to hide valuables from prying eyes.