How Can a Commercial Locksmith Improve Business Security?

2 December 2022
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If you rely on the services of a residential locksmith for your business premises, then the truth is that you may never suffer from a break-in or any kind of security problem. However, turning to a commercial locksmith is always better from the point of view of making businesses more secure. This is not because residential locksmiths are inferior in what they do in any way, of course. It simply means that commercial locksmiths are specialists and provide business owners and managers with much more than just new locks and keys when they are needed. What can you expect to improve, in terms of security, if you switch to a locksmith with true commercial experience?

Site Appraisals

Typically, commercially minded locksmiths will carry out complete site surveys to look into all of the potential entry points that criminals might use. This means the locks in place for both windows and doors, of course, as well as how vehicles might access your site. Expect a professional report to be prepared that details all of the measures that might need to be taken as well as some cost-benefit analysis of optional extras. Such reports can deal with just one site or several, which is a good thing to know if your business operates in more than one part of the country.

Specialist Entry Systems

Keys and locks come in many forms nowadays. Although a residential locksmith might be able to fit a new lock and provide keyholders with the necessary keys to lock up at night, a commercial one will also be able to provide you with other options. Key fobs that wirelessly identify keyholders and allow access are increasingly common in Australian business settings these days. Alternatively, what about fitting a swipe card entry system with multiple levels of access permissions? Only a commercial firm of locksmiths will be able to provide you with such an installation.

Safe and Data Room Security

Please note that locks need to be fitted in business settings that are fit for purpose. What might suit your front door might not be suited to a fire exit, for example. The same goes for restricting access to important documents secured in safes or business-critical data held on servers in your data room. Only a commercial locksmith will have the necessary know-how you are seeking.

Other Services

Nowadays, many commercial locksmiths in Australia offer more comprehensive security services that go beyond what you would be able to obtain from a residential locksmith. These differ depending on the firm you are talking about, but they include things like CCTV installations, burglar alarm maintenance and security lighting systems. In short, they can act like security consultants and give business owners the peace of mind they are seeking.

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